Happy Halloween

Okay, so I realize I’m a couple days early on that one and some of you Halloween purists out there might believe that we shouldn’t say happy Halloween until the 31st. But, I think we can get away with it, after all as of Nov. 1st it will suddenly become allowable to say, “Merry Christmas” every five minutes. But that’s another topic for three days from now.

It’s the Halloween season and last night we went to a Halloween party.  Of course we got into the season by dressing up.  On Friday night we stayed up late drinking Blue Beaver and planning out our brilliant halloween costumes. Tim decided to go as the Blue Beaver mascot and I decided to make a giant can of the beer that I could wear.  These costumes would absolutely assure us a 1st place prize.  However, after we got up at 4 p.m. on Saturday, we had another brainstorming session and decided that simpler was better, less was more, easier was easier; so we dressed up as two fans of Blue Beaver Beer. The best part about this decision was, we already had our costumes ready.

We didn’t win the costume contest but we did get two free bottles of Blue beaver after we slipped the bartender a ten-spot.  That was pretty sweet.  So just remember: if you’re feeling like a hallow-weenie, grab a beaver.

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