Cruise Ship Sinking Brings Out the Worst: Charges Should Be Laid On Alberta Teen

Remember that Greek Cruise ship that ran aground and had to be evacuated at the beginning of the month? I had a newspaper lying around that I finally got to reading. There was an article printed by the Edmonton Sun on Monday April 9th that left me shocked and confused.
She Still Likes Cruises‘ is the title of the article. "Poor girl," you might think of the main protagonist in this article. "That grade 10 student from Tofield, Alberta sure had it rough." The article moved along to describe the incident, as everyone rushed to the top deck and realized there weren’t enough life jackets.
At this point, the girl and her friends had no life jackets. She looked around and saw someone else holding a lifejacket. The rest is a direct quote from the article.
‘"She pleaded with him to hand it over.
              "He was holding it and he was 40 years old and we were kids," she said, describing how she made a fist and walloped him in the face and took the lifejacket for a friend.
Moments later the feisty teen smoked another man and took the lifejacket for herself."
Remember, this is exactly what I read. No embellishment on the quote.
"The students then got into lifeboats. Once they reached shore, they called family to let them know they were alright." So, basically, it sounds like they didn’t even use the lifejackets .
What exactly have people been teaching their kids lately? Am I the only one who is dismayed by the actions of this girl?
Let’s imagine a little different scenario. If it had been me on the boat, and I am near 40 and can’t swim. Next, put me next to a 70 year old man. "He was holding it and he was 70 years old and I was comparatively just a kid," I would say to justify me punching him in the face and handing the lifejacket to my other young, fit companion.
Moments later the feisty Generation X man then smoked another elderly person in the head and took the lifejacket for himself.
— Yeah, right. It would never even occur to me to screw someone else over like that. And an adult male would probably go to jail for that kind of behavior. Teenage girls apparently can do whatever they want?
"Undaunted by her Greek cruise experience, Strilchuck says she’ll go on a July cruise for her Grandparent’s 50th anniversary."

CBC article :Charges Laid in Cruise Ship Sinking

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