The Song of The Majestic Blue Beaver

If you are ever lucky enough to hear the melodious mating call of the majestic Blue Beaver, please record it! I have heard so much about this captivating natural dirge, and no one seems to have recorded it. Lazy Slackers! I mean, unlucky biologists. Those who didn’t record it, but merely heard it as they witnessed the mating rituals, claimed it was more beautiful than the song of the Green Backed Bark Stripper or the Tawny Tugbird. They are probably just nuts.

The Blue Beaver will spend entire minutes trying to impress his future mate with feats of dam building and swimming prowess, then attempt to drag her off to his den, by the tail if necessary. If the female is unwilling to go, she will whup his behind and leave the area. The male might then resume his song, while he cleans the blood from his fur. Or he might just call it a night and go for a beer.
If you would like some real facts on the common brown beaver, check out this article. It is almost as interesting as these shots of a sweaty beaver in the Forest of Ubangme.

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