Weight Loss Plans For Beer Drinkers

We all know it. Drinking beer gives you calories, and if you don’t burn them off you end up with bigger pants. This leaves us with a problem. What’s a Blue Beaver Beer lover (or a lover of any other beer) to do?
Ernie and I are willing to share our secrets with you as long as you promise not to use them for evil. Sense much fear in you do we.
The first and easiest calorie burning technique is the Arm Curl (I like to call them techniques because it sounds more expert-like). Firmly grasp your beer. Raise it to your mouth. Swallow. Lower your beer. Repeat.
The other techniques depend on which pub or establishment you frequent.  For instance, the Sports Freak Technique. If your team is on the screen, you can jump up and yell ” Yeah! Woohoo!”. this will burn off some energy. Just try to time these exercises with goals, touchdowns, knockouts, etc. The louder you scream, the more energy you use and the more annoyed others will be, so this is a win-win action. If you are winning, you can yell “Your team sucks!” to opposing fans, and get in their face for added calorie use.

Darts can also be a high energy sport. Play a game of darts and the sweat will be just dripping off of you. The same goes for pool, or billiards. To raise an extra bit of sweat, put a $1000 on every game. This really works if you are a crappy player.

Gerri has been planning a brawl at our establishment, and I am sure you could lose some weight, or blood, fighting it out in the dirt road out back. Just be careful, I heard she packs a rusty knife.

But the best exercise you can get would be dancing. It’s fun, all the ladies are doing it and you score extra points with them. And in some places you can do your arm curls while you dance!

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