Global Warming Woes: Selling Styrofoam to Eskimos, Old Beer Fridges & What About NASA?

Aron brought up a good point the other night at the bar. Everyone is worrying about the polar bears, but no one mentions the poor Inuit who lives in an igloo. His house is at risk from global warming. The world’s greenhouse gases could increase the homeless in the north country.

He came up with a solution, though. Styrofoam igloos wouldn’t melt, they’re lightweight so you could move them around, and they could be built in two pieces just like a doublewide house trailer. We all admitted these were valid points, but Crazy eyes mentioned high winds being a danger to such a light house. We considered waking up in the middle of the night with your igloo blown clear off into the distance.

The conversation turned to how Canadians Are Threatening the Planet. Apparently, Canada is single handedly destroying the environment since every one of us has his or her own beer fridge. While Ernie admits to owning several, and I have a couple too, we keep ours outside. Since it’s winter here almost 9 months of the year, we don’t even plug them in, so I don’t really see the problem. What I do think is a real issue here is how the article states that we eat mostly donuts and poutine.

Just before we shut the lights off and kicked everyone out, Aron started in on NASA. He had some good points. I doubt them space shuttles are fuel efficient. They should put catalytic converters on those suckers. And how about some sort of hydrogen generator hho fuel engine, or maybe engines that run on used cooking oil? I thought that all they had to do was stop leaving the shuttle idling in front of the supermarket all the time. And with that, we called it a night.

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  1. Dude, I’m Canadian. My cousin’s husband is working up in Nunavat and sent some pictures down. There weren’t any igloos, but a heck of a lot of crappy trailers. Maybe that’s the solution, not styrofoam igloos, but trailer parks. LOL!

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