Dofollow Doesn’t Hurt Your Pagerank!

I never even clued in until RT from Untwisted Vortex congratulated us on getting to pagerank 4. It’s not my highest priority for this site, but it is nice to see. This should debunk a few misconceptions for some bloggers, starting with Dofollow.

Since we moved to Redneck Bar and Grill, I made this site nofollow free. I put a huge banner in the top right corner, and it’s no secret to Google that all links are to be followed. And guess what. Since those links were given away freely, it didn’t hurt us one damn bit. With hardly any effort other than commenting on other blogs and being ourselves we made it to pagerank 4. For us it’s all about patience, communicating with others and getting links by either commenting on other blogs or someone finding you interesting enough to link to. That and a few SEO tricks I learned from Vic at Blogger Unleashed and Court at Court’s Internet Marketing School, although on this blog I used very few of those so far.

I’ve read a couple entries on other blogs where they were afraid to use dofollow because they thought Google would penalize them for it. That appears to only be the case for paid links. And, you can have all the paid links you want in any case if you nofollow them on a case by case basis. We aren’t about the advertising here right now, so it’s irrelevant for the time being to me.

Thanks to all who linked to us lately, and thanks Gerri and Tammy for coming by to smash the place up every Monday Night Brawl. And thanks to Ernie for his never tiring writing skills. When I get busy like the last week or so, he just keeps on going and keeps the customers at the Redneck Bar & Grill happy.

And thanks especially to Blue Beaver Beer. Without this beer I wouldn’t be able to maintain my girlish figure, and we would have never started our first blog. So remember, when you’re feeling blue, grab a Beaver.Trying to find relevant backlinks with your chosen keywords? Read How to Get Backlinks For Beginners!

One thought on “Dofollow Doesn’t Hurt Your Pagerank!

  1. Thanks for the mention, Tim. I’m glad to see you getting the PR you deserve and I hope you make some money along the way.

    RT Cunningham’s last blog post..They Live (1988)

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