Has Us Gots Keyword Luv? Es We Does!

One of the mysteries of the internet is, how do you get anchored links with your keywords? I’m sure every redneck in Alberta has wondered this very thing. Well, what are we going to do about it tonight? I’ll tell you, Pinky. We’re going to try to take over the world by giving away free links with your chosen keywords! This is a real banner day for keyword enthusiasts everywhere.Now this blog will be keyword follow as well as dofollow.

That’s right, if you want to find an anchored link to help your site move up in the ‘SERPs’,  we’re gonna be handing them out. All you have to do is make a relevant and witty comment on one of our posts, and enter your name like this:

yourname@keywords go here

then enter your email and site address like normal.

If you don’t know what ‘SERPs’ are, or why you need keywords in your anchored links, and if you are wondering where you get these boat anchors, check down at the docks.

All the heavy lifting will be done for us by the Keyword Luv Plugin, by Stephen Cronin.

Looking for more ways to get relevant, targeted keywords for your blog or website? Check out How To Get Backlinks For Beginners.

8 thoughts on “Has Us Gots Keyword Luv? Es We Does!

  1. I mean, would you like to get a keyworded backlink to your site? If so , then enter the keyword after your name in the comment form like : “Tammy@Super Mom”. This will give you a link to your site that google will read as “super mom” . Got it?

  2. RT: We’ve got tiny little lake docks. You’re right, there’s no ocean here.
    Tammy: you can see the keyword thing in action now. If anyone is searching for humpback midget lovers, they have a better chance of finding Canucklehead now since he has an anchored link to that effect. I’m not sure I needed to know that about him though :)

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