Fun With Hydrogen: HHO Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Generators

Everybody knows that rednecks love explosions and do it yourself projects that use potentially explosive substances. Another thing rednecks enjoy is cars and trucks that make a lot of noise, or that have been modified. What better way for us Alberta Rednecks to spend our time than combining our hobbies?
I already know what you think you are going to see! Sorry to disappoint you, we didn’t blow up a truck. What we did was build an HHO fuel cell, then hook it to the truck to reduce fuel consumption and lower emissions.
Everyone these days is concerned with the price of fuel. I don’t know what it costs in the US right now, but in Canada it is $1.15 a litre and up. Theoretically, by attaching an HHO hydrogen generator to your vehicle you can make the fuel burn more evenly and more completely. This will increase your miles per gallon.
What we show in this video:
1. our fuel cell submersed in pure water, hooked up to 2 amps DC producing hydrogen and oxygen (one hydrogen to two oxygen, an explosive air fuel mixture)
2. our hydrogen generator in it’s case, producing HHO which is captured in a jar underwater to measure output per minute
3. the HHO fuel cell producing a hydrogen oxygen mixture that is bubbled into soapy water. The bubbles are collected and lit, producing a loud bang. And it is really loud! I mean shake your head earsplitting from only a small amount. The force contained in hydrogen is huge.
4. the hydrogen fuel cell producing, and the hose attached to a Ford half ton. Not the newest vehicle we have available. We are still in the testing stage so expendable motors first!
Warning : if you are going to try this at home, be very careful! One of our first hydrogen generators worked great for several trials. It exploded inside my partner’s house when he was testing it, and he said he was lucky to still have windows or eardrums afterwards. The water level was too low, exposing the wires. A loose connection inside the HHO fuel cell caused a spark, and as I mentioned before the hydrogen generator creates an explosive gas mixture. We have since corrected the design flaw.
If you are going to hook one of these up to your car, make sure you understand the process first. Or, use a vehicle that you don’t need to get you to work!

4 thoughts on “Fun With Hydrogen: HHO Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Generators

  1. It’s true enough, you gotta be brave to modify your own car, as well as you need to know what you are doing. As you may notice, we didn’t put the unit on my brand new toyota pickup! At least, not yet….

  2. I have built two HHO cells and currently testing on a vehicle.. (98 ford windstar) This HHO process is very simple, anyone can do it as long as they actually try..(tammy) I seem to be having a problem with the o2 sensers on the windstar. The computer is calculating the lean fuel ratio due to the HHO gas and is over compensating to make the engine run rich. I am not getting the efficiency that is capable. I may have to send the computer(in the car) away to be recallibrated. Any suggestion on this subject…

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