Spam is, Like, Poetry

It seems like some mornings I can see poetry everywhere. Why, even the spam in the Akismet filter is written with a haunting rhythm occasionally. If you take the porn and male enhancement products links out of course. Here is a chunk of hauntingly lovely spametry scraped out of the garbage can today:

microfilaria hurled thenabouts quint
verticalness esoterics priceite

That’s pretty enough to almost make you cry. How about this unpolished gem from the wastelands of Akismet?

Transparent folds, and gleaming through them,
shone rich raven beverly lynne lesbian videos.
The late I seem to have received, with full force,
the blow I had given kuyftjupzqk

Now, doesn’t that just make you want to run out and rent some adult oriented movies?  I just wonder how poor old Kuyftjupzqk made out after that terrible blow he received with full force. Now that is not as good as high quality Haiku Poems, but it still has it’s adherents!

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