May 1 is National Beaver Appreciation Day!

As all Canadians know, May 1 is National Beaver Appreciation Day. It is always an action packed outdoor extravaganza. Every store shuts its doors, all the businesses let their employees go home early, and children get the day off from school. If you are one of those unlucky Canadians on foreign soil today, I hope you can at least find a can or bottle of Blue Beaver Beer to commemorate the big day.

For those of you who don’t know the traditions of this amazing celebration, pay attention. There will be a quiz afterwards.

The beaver is a symbol of all that is Canadian. Hard working, furry, bark breath. Or, hard working at least. Some of us are a little furry in various areas.

Canada wide, we will all gather at the banks of streams, lakes, rivers, swamps or even swimming pools and crack a beer for our favorite animal, the beaver. There will be BBQing, drinking contests and people freezing their butts off. It’s pretty much still winter up here folks! Us Alberta Rednecks will have a bonfire at our local ‘watering hole’, such as the mighty Horseguard River. With any luck, the beavers will come out and play, and we won’t have two more weeks of winter.

And yes, it’s snowing here today.

For those who can’t make it to the celebrations,  maye we will send you a beer gift basket to help you get over the suffering and depression you must feel right now.

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