Wet Beaver Photos

I’ve been noticing that every single day, people come by The Redneck hoping to see some beaver. It’s been a little while since we published any Brand New Beaver Shots or Shaved Beaver Pics. So I figured I’d go ahead and post some of my favourite wet beaver pictures. wet-beaver-2.jpg

And just in case one isn’t enough for you I was able to capture a candid photo of a beaver that is getting wet. Enjoy.


6 thoughts on “Wet Beaver Photos

  1. did you guys ask for ID – I’m just saying, looks a little young … I gotta run before the feds to an IP trace … wait! what was … *end transmission*

  2. Hey, ‘Gizmo’, you need to get those beavers a cold beer and they’ll stop making such a mess of your land!
    I drive past a bunch of trees that beavers felled in a big jumble. It does indeed look pretty bad. And they do tend to dam things up and flood stuff out. Just as God intended when he made the dam things.

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