The Ultimate Monster

A little while back I re-watched the movie, “Underworld“. I started thinking about the idea of a werewolf/vampire hybrid. I believe they could have done a lot more with such a character. But more importantly, it led me to ponder something else. What if a werewolf/vampire hybrid was attacked by a zombie? You’d have a werewolf/vampire/ZOMBIE hybrid. How awesome would that be?

wolf.jpgSuch a creature would be damn near utterly unstoppable. A silver bullet kills a werewolf, but doesn’t do anything to a zombie or a vampire. A vampire is killed by a wooden stake in the heart. Now, even if you could get close enough to a werewolf to stake it, it won’t be bothered at all by a little “splinter”. Nor would a zombie. A regular bullet in the brain of a zombie would stop it, but of course it would do nothing more than annoy a vampire or a werewolf.

However (you might say) chopping off the head has proven quite effective against both zombies and vampires and it would probably work on a werewolf as well. Well, that is a possibility (after all I don’t claim to know everything on the subject), however; if you watch the movie “The Monster Squad“, there is a scene in which they stuff a stick of dynamite in the waistband of a werewolf. He gets blown into several pieces and at first seems to be a goner, but after a minute he reintegrates and just looks extra mad at the inconvenience.

Therefore, I think the only thing that could kill this Ultra-Monster is a silver-coated, wooden bullet in the brain (and the heart, for good measure). But who would have the necessary skills to make something like that?

Hey, I just thought of something that totally blew my own mind. What if King Kong was attacked by a werewolf, a vampire and a zombie…?

5 thoughts on “The Ultimate Monster

  1. Is Stephen King paying you to come up with new book ideas? Couldn’t ya just get one of fire throwers and turn the werewolf/vampire/zombie/giant ape into a crispy critter or better yet nuke it?

  2. Maybe, but as I mentioned you need a silver bullet to kill a werewolf. So would a nuke really do the trick?

  3. Nukes kill everything except radioactive mutated cockroaches. You gotta use raid with silver dust and holy water on those.

  4. For my money, nothing is scarier than zombies. Especially FAST zombies like in 28 Days Later (I know they technically weren’t zombies, but they were zombielike).

    I think the only way to kill a WereZombPire would be to cut off its head, put it in a blender, pour the mixture into a tupperware container, freeze it, then defrost it, and flush it down the toilet. Then blow up the sewer system.

    JD at I Do Things’s last blog post..I Cried When David Cook Won American Idol so you don’t have to

  5. The monster as described would truly be something – I’m just spitballin’ here but perhaps we could maybe make it bionic or something. While we are at it – maybe some sort of sense of knowing your weaknesses coupled with a biting wit and advanced ability with words – especially in the area of insults? Oh, and the voice from that Fran Drescher (sp?) bitch. Wait – maybe bad B.O. too … okay, I’ll stop now …
    PS – bad breath? back-stabber?

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