Weird Al Yankovic at the Redneck Bar & Grill on July 31st

That’s right! Weird Al is going to be paying The Redneck a visit this week. Ernie goes way back with Al, and he asked the King of song parody to do a special private show for us and a few patrons while he’s in Alberta this week.

I don’t remember if I ever told you the story of how we met Weird Al, all those years ago in downtown Calgary. We were walking along, enjoying the  sites as we dodged street people and politely refused to buy baggies of stuff from scruffy looking alley vendors. There was a Weird Al concert that night, and we were just killing time and waiting to go see our favourite performer live. Ernie had his lucky Weird Al t-shirt on in preparation for the big event.

A guy wearing a hoodie up over his head was walking toward us with his hands in his pockets, and he stopped in front of Ernie and said, “Nice shirt, man.” We suddenly clued in that this was Weird Al! The rest, as they say, is history.

You may recall our experiences last year at the Weird Al concert in Calgary , and the hot Spanish chicks we ended up with. Weird Al even sat briefly at our table! I bet you’re jealous now. Ernie also wrote his thoughts about Weird Al’s Calgary Concert.

I haven’t got to the best part yet, though. Then one day Ernie was walking through the Forest of Ubangme, just trying to get a tan, and he found Weird Al, stranded in the middle of nowhere. It seems his Segway ran out of juice, and he had lost his cell phone. Fortunately, Ernie was able to call for help and Get Al’s crew out there to pick him up. While they waited, they shared a  glimpse of the rare Slouching Tiger amongst the trees. Al promised to do a favour for Ernie someday, and Ernie decided to try to get Al out to the horseguard Valley.

I know Ernie has sent out special invites to certain people out there. However, I think that anyone can find the Redneck Bar And Grill is welcome to get in on the fun.

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