Beer Gift Baskets – Great Gifts For Any Occasion!

Having trouble deciding what to get for that buddy of yours and running out of time? Many people out there have trouble picking gifts. There are few things more dreaded than not being able to locate a present soon enough for that special day or big event. Fear not, we have a solution for you. We have searched high and low to discern what may be the most universal gift of all.

Beer baskets are the near perfect item for anyone on your list. Other than an AA meeting or a baptism, you can send one of these babies to any gathering and someone will enjoy it. Oh, and guys? Probably no good for your wedding anniversary. On the other hand, ladies would be well advised to get these for their men, who in general would be ecstatic to receive such a perfect bundle. If you can wrap the beer basket in with a 56″ Flat Screen Plasma, all the better.

Birthdays? Great Match. Even if the one who is having a birthday is underage, doesn’t like beer (weirdo!) or is on some medication that counter-indicates alcohol consumption, a beer gift basket will still come in handy. Little Bobby might only have 5 candles on his cake, but his Daddy might love a Blue Beaver Beer at 5:00 in the afternoon. Depending on how many of the little weasels are at the party, there may be more than one adult there in need of a brew. You yourself might quaff several beer while enjoying the ‘company’ of other people’s toddlers. And what a great way to liven up Stanly’s 65th birthday; maybe he will tear things up a little!

Wedding gift openings could really use a beer basket to tune things up a little. After opening presents with towels, toasters, soap dishes, pillows, fancy eatin’ dishes, blenders and what have you, the groom needs to see something that is mainly for him. Let’s face it, he’s just sitting there suffering quietly through the bride’s gift opening. None of that stuff is for him, so imagine how much he will appreciate your thoughtful Blue Beaver Beer Gift Basket.

Funerals. A lot of family members really want a drink at times like these. Tact is needed to determine if a beer gift basket is appropriate for a particular individual or family. A grieving young widow who is left with no father for her young children is a bad match. But if you are going to the wake of Uncle Frank, who was known to hoist a few in his time with his pals, you might be able to get away with it. These bereavement beer baskets might be quite popular if they also contained some stronger spirits as well.

And lets not forget Christmas! Not getting along so well with the inlaws? Get them a gift packed with the goodness of beer and see if they warm to you a little. Hopefully they won’t decide you are completely beyond redemption (you wastrel!).

One of these baskets might contain more than one variety of beer or just a specific brand. They usually also contain delicacies such as gourmet crackers, beef jerky, salted peanuts or mixed gourmet nuts, samples of gourmet cheeses, dried rhinoceros pizzle and other unique snack items. Some baskets come in a beer bucket, a galvanized or stainless steel bucket big enough to hold twelve beer. These reusable containers might serve as a cooler for years after.

So next time you are stuck for a gift, order up a beer gift basket. Even if the intended receiver is unhappy with it, a re-gift will certainly work out. The very best of these of course contain Blue Beaver Beer, although if necessary you can just put any old beer in there to match the recipient’s tastes. Please think before hand to decide if the gift will be welcome. Your ninety year old Aunt Florence might like a warm pair of slippers instead. Or, she might surprise you and ask for another personalized gift basket next year!

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  1. Hey guys .. good news, bad news.

    GOOD NEWS: The Redneck & Weird Al is featured prominently in an upcoming Canucklehead post.

    BAD NEWS: It’s actually a paid post, meaning I’m kinda whoring you guys out. Yes, Weird Al included – GAWD! I FEEL SO DIRTY!

    Anyway, keep an eye out – CHEERS!

  2. JD: I wouldn’t try giving a beer basket to my wife unless there was a hundred dollar bill wrapped around each bottle or a box with a ring in it under the beer. We already have a pretty big tv, but it was for me really.
    Ray: Yeah, hopefully a gift giver can be sensitive to everyone’s special needs.

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