Giving Away Our Very First Redneck Beer Gift Basket!

We’ve been scheming away late at night over brews, trying to figure out how to give back to some of our favorite blogs and sites out there. How to show them that we really care, in a special and heartwarming way. If you sample everything in these redneck beer gift baskets, it may be heartburn inducing as well!
Think of this as our unique award for just being you. If we send you one of our  Redneck beer gift baskets, we hope you might pass it on to a few unsuspecting bloggers yourself.

You can pick up the code right here: Send a Virtual Beer Gift Basket

Of course, you don’t have to “reward” anyone (snicker inserted here) if you don’t feel like it. Just sit back, crack one of our virtual Blue Beaver Beers and sample one of the many snacks included in the basket. Enjoy!

Our first deserving victim, I mean, recipient, is RT from Untwisted Vortex. His wife is coming home soon for her  Philippines vacation, and RT has a big party planned. I wanted to send over this beer basket before it’s too late and he had to make do with some inferior brand of beer like Skrokanee or Moose Drool. We hope he has a great shindig over there, and we wish him and his wife the best!

We decided to use hand picked bullrush fronds from the banks of the mighty Horseguard River, instead of a stainless steel bucket as in our usual beer gift baskets. That a little less of a redneck gift this way I know, but I thought RT’s wife might appreciate the basket for house decorating.

What is going into Richard’s basket? Well,  we’ll start it off with one dozen Blue Beaver Beers, lovingly surrounded with 2 layers of bubble wrap to make sure they get there in one piece. You can check out our Virtual Beer Basket code page to see the rest of the snacks. I know your mouth will be watering in anticipation and envy when you see what we are sending to the Philippines!

7 thoughts on “Giving Away Our Very First Redneck Beer Gift Basket!

  1. Looks like I got here at the right time! Can I get a basket customized to include a pound of red wiggler worms please?

    In case you guys didn’t realize it.. AT is still kinda fuckered. However, when I come up for air this weekend I plan to get my sidebar back in order at least and add the link to this fine establishment back in, along with the link to my long lost friend Tammy. I just haven’t had time to put it all back together, but I didn’t just drop ya’ll.. wanted to let you know that. I’m still lovin’ BBB.

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