Beer is Environmentally Friendly!

Ah, Sunday. This is a good day to unwind a little, go for a walk, or visit your place of worship. that’s right, the coffee shop. It’s the perfect place to go the day after a night on the town drinking our favorite beer.
People flock to the java joint in droves around here. A lot of them go to church first, and stop for donuts after. I bet some of them stop on the way to church and get a cup to go.
Tom Norton’s is one of the most popular fast food franchises going. They focus on real coffee. No half-cafe decaff extra whipped sprakachino here. That’s right, they make regular strong coffee and they will add regular sugar and cream. This is why rednecks love the place. There ain’t none of that wussie sh*t here!
Another thing I like about Tom Norton’s is the drive-through. It’s always full, but it usually still moves pretty fast. This is the only drive-through where you can get in line with your big fuel guzzling suv, let it idle pointlessly for a few minutes, order a coffee and pay less than $1.60. Who knew it could be so cheap to ruin the environment!

That’s why the to- go thing is really wasteful. The vehicles running in the drive-through, the empty paper cups thrown away. But most of us don’t even think about it, because around here we are all rednecks.

Getting back to beer, though, it is a really good alternative to coffee. it comes in a fully recycleable container, either glass or aluminium. It is made from renewable resources. It won’t keep you awake because it has no caffeine. And it’s user friendly. Just don’t drink it on a Sunday immediately before or after church.
So drink Blue Beaver Beer. When you’re feeling blue, grab a Beaver!

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2 thoughts on “Beer is Environmentally Friendly!

  1. Lisa: I can spot a Tom Norton’s sign from miles away.
    Steve: I couldn’t agree more.
    JD: I could email you one, but it might spill all over the gmail …

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