One Fierce Personalized Beer Label or Coaster

RT from the Philippines was  at the Redneck the other night, enjoying a Blue Beaver Beer and one of Ernie’s world famous Canuckle Sandwiches (named after THE Canucklehead) when he pointed out something that was missing from our beer gift baskets: personalized beer coasters. This was something I had never thought of before, so I did a little checking. Sure enough, there were several online services that would make personalized beer coasters with your desired wording and/ pictures or logos. It is also possible to get specialized beer and wine labels.
Now, most of the time we would be happy with a Blue Beaver Beer coaster. But say you were into making beer at home and beer making kits? You might want to order personalized labels for your bottles, personalized beer coasters and specialty labels for the neck of the bottle. And what a great beer gift idea, to order personalized labels for someone you know that makes their own beer. Or, how about these for Bachelor party gifts?
Many home brewers have homemade beer that is much stronger and has a fuller body than store bought brew. Here are a few specialty names for your personalized beer labels and coasters:

Aron’s Liquid Courage
Brain Cell Traumatizer
Cock Walloper
Uncle Sawbuck’s Bitter Ale

If your homemade beer has some floaties in it, all the better. You could have labels and coasters made up to reflect your home made beer’s personality. For instance:

Barnacle Beer
Thick N’ Chunky – Eat it with a fork
Slurry #  5

Then there is the case of beer from a kit that just didn’t turn out right. It might still taste like yeast, or have a bitter undercurrent, or just be hard to swallow. Then you could use one of these names:

Blah Beer
Yeast Infection
Disturbing Odoriferous Liquid
Liquid Cosbies

Some people actually use coasters to protect furniture and tables. If you really want to get the message across, you shoud have personalized beer coasters made up that have one of these no nonsense wordings:

Put your beer here!
Use the damn beer coasters!
This spot reserved for…

These specialty and personalized items make a great addition to any home brewmeister’s beer making supplies. Also, they will be going into all of our Redneck Beer Gift Baskets.

3 thoughts on “One Fierce Personalized Beer Label or Coaster

  1. hi Tim,
    I love your homebrew beer name ideas. I made a few batches of homebrew myself, BBK (back before kids) when I had more time and less responsibilities. I never had a batch that would have earned one of your first names, but I did have a batch that earned a name off of your third list. It is a sad day indeed when one little microscopic stinking bug ruins a lot of hard work, hops, and time. Oh well, thankfully there’s always Blue Beaver as a backup.
    ~ Steve, former homebrewer and currently the trade show display guy

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