Don’t Buy Your New Bar Sound System From 2 Guys in a Van!

A couple weeks ago, I was driving down the Whitemud in Edmonton, Alberta. I was in the big city picking up supplies for our world famous Redneck Beer Gift Baskets, and was just on my way down to the Forest of Ubangme to get a new tiger torch for Ernie’s kitchen.
THis white full sized cargo van pulled up beside me with two young men, both clean cut but a little exitable looking. It was one of those vans that doesn’t have windows down the sides, just white metal and the barn doors in back. They were pointing at my truck and pointing to the side of the road. Neither one looked dangerous or overly large and intimidating, so being curious I pulled over and got out of the truck.
“Snap! Do we have a deal for you,”The driver said. “Come look at these babies we got in the van! A high quality sound system, real cheap!”
He opened the back door, and sure enough he had a few boxes in there, one of them opened up. I could see a high quality speaker in there, just like he said.
“Whatya think, man? We can give these to you right now for real low prices. I got most of a sound system for any bar in here!”
“Are these hot?” I asked, knowing full well they must be.
“Not really. WE ordered 1 set, and the delivery truck unloaded 2 sets at the warehouse, so we got an extra set. These are worth a pile. You can have them half price!”
I was a little torn. The Redneck Bar and Grill could use a new bar sound system,badly. And the price was right. Even so, stolen speakers and sound system components could only get me in trouble, and it was wrong.
“Sorry guys, I don’t need anything like that right now. If you give me your name and number I might get back to you.”
They just looked at each other, jumped back in their van and made a break for it.
I went on my way, sans stolen goods. But, they got me thinking that maybe I could use a new sound system for the bar. I decided to look into a set of pub or bar speakers etc.
I heard later on the radio, that a few warehouse workers in Edmonton. got busted for helping themselves to some stereo and electronics components.

4 thoughts on “Don’t Buy Your New Bar Sound System From 2 Guys in a Van!

  1. Tom: You’re right. I have to be more careful not to incriminate and malign those who sell stuff and live in a van down by the river!

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