Shopping For A New Bar Sound System

A stereo sound system can really make or break a business like this one.  After my run in with the guys selling bar sound system components on the Whitemud, I put a little thought into our stereo setup at the Redneck Bar and Grill. We pretty much went with the old stereo system that came with the joint when we took it over, with a few minor tweaks. The hard wooden floor and walls tended to give our bar an echo problem, which we managed to mitigate with genuine tribal hangings I bought off the Slouching Tiger Tribe in the Forest of Ubangme. Ernie got crafty and whipped out some sound absorbing ceiling tiles made out of Blue Beaver Beer boxes . Now all we needed was better sound equipment, but Ernie and I got busy and tied up with other things. We just never got around to it.
Those 2 guys in Edmonton were trying to sell me a fairly cheap set. It had this low end stuff in it:
Yamahog sound table with 27 input
53 foot long, 19 input snake cord
Double Demon 9000 cd player
Deringher compressor
Deringher cross-over
Deringher EQ
2 Deringher amp 2500 Flowerpower
2 Deringher 18″ bass bins
4 top speakers

I figure I can do a lot better than this, off of eBay. I’m going to shop around and see what I can get. I might look for a NAD C272 Power Stereo amplifier, or some such. In any case, soon we’ll be blowing the socks off of customers with our new bar sound system. We’ve been pulling a lot of cash with our Blue Beaver Beer Gift Baskets, so we can afford to pick up a kicka$$ set of speakers and amps.

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