Steve, Guru of the Trade Show

I always picture Gurus sitting on a bed of nails, playing some weird instrument to a dancing snake while a rope hangs in mid-air and a flying carpet carries a blue genie with hoop ear rings slowly by… yeah, I know. That is a Fakir, but that’s what I see in my head.

I know that isn’t an accurate representation of a guru, especially Steve, the Trade Show Guru. So, what does Steve do, if he doesn’t sit around all relaxed and such on a bed of nails playing music for poisonous reptiles?

By Day, Steve works for a company selling trade show displays.

By night, he dons his heroic cape of justice and fights crime in his fair city. And, in his spare time, he pursues his online ventures. Such as the Trade Show Guru, an interesting blog about all sorts of topics including trade shows, movie reviews, parenthood, and more. He also works on Pinnacle Displays, a web site about portable trade show displays.

As if that isn’t enough, Steve comments on quite a few blogs. He can be counted on for insightful, relevant and interesting comments. Here are just a few from this blog.

“reminds me of the Seinfeld where Kramer has a horse-drawn carriage and feeds the horse a gallon can of Beef-A-Reeno (he got a case of it at Costco and doesn’t know what to do with it). Anyway, based on what happened to the horse I would definitely rather sit on the horse than behind the horse!”

“PS. Please be sure to use a waterproof stamp on my envelope with the beer in it. I wouldn’t want the stamp coming off in the mail because the beer got the envelope wet.”

“You know I like reading this blog because of your video picks, but I can’t believe you’re condoning vandalism. Didn’t you see those bad girls spray-painting graffiti on the car? Am I the only person around here that believes in the law? Those girls need a spanking! Am I going to have to do that too? Well, if I must. I also saw them jumping on the bed, which everyone knows is a big no no. Looks like a double spanking!”

Steve has been all around an awesome visitor to the Redneck Bar and Grill, and he knows his Strange Brew. In light of this, we are sending him a complimentary beer basket, via Gmail. This one will have all the usual ingredients, such as ice cold Blue Beaver Beer, Sliced dried rhinoceros pizzle, and three fried beans. As a special treat, we managed to locate some extra hot Habanero jelly, since we know just how much Steve enjoys the spice of life. Thanks for visiting and drinking our beer, Steve!

4 thoughts on “Steve, Guru of the Trade Show

  1. hey Tim (aka King of the Rednecks),
    Thanks so much for the shout out! I am extremely honored. Thank you. And for your readers, just to confirm, I do sleep on a regular mattress, not a bed of nails. I personally wouldn’t take the advice from someone who sleeps on nails – doesn’t sound very bright to me.
    Well, anyway, I’ve got to find my cape so I can head out to fight crime. Thanks again for the mention!
    ~ Steve, aka the regular-mattress trade show guru
    PS. Hey JD, you swell my head too! Thanks.

    Trade Show Gurus last blog post..King Corn

  2. JD and Canucklehead: I haven’t sent it yet, so no problem getting that stuff in there. Anyone else want to contribute?

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