How to Make a Beer Gift Basket

With the holidays fast approaching, gift ideas and shopping are on almost everyone’s mind. It can be challenging to find the right gift for everyone on the list. You might find yourself struggling. Well, what a lousy time of year to feel under the gun. Of course, your friendly bar owner here is gonna recommend booze! I can tell you how to make a beer gift basket that will be remembered forever.

A personalized beer gift basket can make a great Christmas or birthday present. You can order them online from many different gift basket sites, and maybe even buy one locally. But what if you don’t want to spend that much, or there isn’t enough time left before Christmas to get it delivered? And what if you can’t find one that has the right ingredients, the ones you want for that ‘special’ person?

Fear not, it is easy enough to build one yourself. I will give you a brief description of how to make a beer gift basket; the rest is up to you.

First, you need a basket. This can be misleading, since all you really need is a container strong enough to hold the beer and other items. It doesn’t have to be an actual basket. Many of the ones sold online use a stainless steel or galvanized steel bucket. If you do choose a tradition basket, make sure it can handle the load. Try to find something clean and aesthetically appealing as well. I guess what I’m saying is, forget about that KFC bucket from last night, chicken grease won’t add anything positive to your gift.

Your choice of beer is the next consideration. You can never go wrong if you pick your recipient’s favourite brand. For instance, 90% of the world’s population would prefer Blue Beaver Beer, so that is always a good choice. For the more adventurous, you could select a variety of unusual or imported brews, such as Weasel Whiz or Moose Drool.

Other items to go in your beer basket could be any sort of snacks that go with beer. A lot of people prefer to stick with traditional snacks, such as roasted nuts, cheeses, beef jerky, potato chips or sliced dried rhinoceros pizzle. Alternatively, you could find some real gourmet foods to test out, such as a bacon flavored choclate bar.

What else? How about beer mugs, or personalized beer coasters? A small photo album of all the parties you were at with this person? A hangover kit? A small booklet of Christmas Poems?  Or, adult part gifts? (be careful on this one, the inlaws might not appreciate a gift basket of the adult nature!)  You will have to use your imagination, but I am sure you can think of a few unique twists you can put on the whole beer basket idea.

Final touches could be cellophane paper or fancy wrapping paper, bows, etc. I’ll leave that up to someone who actually knows how to wrap stuff good; that’s not me! My wife usually shoves me out of the way to do it herself. This is awkward when the gift is for her…

There you have it. Now you know how to make a beer gift basket. I hope you will use this powerful knowledge only for the good of all, and never let it slip into the hands of evil!

4 thoughts on “How to Make a Beer Gift Basket

  1. my wife got me a wonderful beer basket last year – there was 24 of them and they were all the same brand in a matching box. No snacks or add-ons of any kind – it was REALLY nice. You can probably pick them up pre-made at stores I imagine … anyway, the personal touch is what makes it so special I suppose. CHEERS!

    Canuckleheads last blog post..A Canucklehead Can Dream ….

  2. hey Tim,
    I would suggest tossing in a free 5lb bag of biosolids with your beer gift basket, but I’ve learned my lesson and will never mention biosolids again, free or not!
    ~ Steve, aka the trade show guru
    PS. the “catcha” ? word that I need to type in is “beer”. How funny is that!

    Trade Show Gurus last blog post..When Free Ain’t Free

  3. Tammy: Well, lots of time to get him one yet :)
    Canucklehead: I’m going to have to look for these prepackaged ‘cases’ in town…
    Aron: a lot of them are intended for that use
    Steve: the $hit really hit the fan on that one, didn’t it! I agree: biosolids – bad :(
    Hope the captcha thing isn’t to annoying. It cut my spam down to like, nothing.

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