Watch For Blue Beaver Beer Superbowl Commercials!

Well, my favourite time of year is nearly here.

No, I don’t mean tax time, but good guess since I really love handing money to our deserving and creatively managed government. How about the way they never waste it or spend it on things like ridiculous modern art? I love our government, as I am sure you love yours.

Nope, not the Chinese New Year, although I will be keeping an eye on the calendar at that time since the 28th is my birthday. Guess again, in case the title of this post didn’t give it away.

That’s right, those awesome Superbowl commercials! I’m sure all of you remember the Blue beaver Beer commercials of years past and you are just as excited as I am. With the huge Blue Beaver fanbase world wide and their amazingly massive market share, I am sure they won’t want to disappoint us and have come up with some brilliant television ad art yet again.

Who can forget that one commercial Blue Beaver came up with where the beaver had a funny hair day and was ridiculed at the hillbilly trailer park? Those skanky women with the tubetops really wouldn’t leave the ‘ole beaver alone. And how about that one where the beavers went shopping at Whalemart and couldn’t find the tail wax? Priceless! Who would have thought that those cruel teenagers would end up in that dumpster!

There are so many good Blue Beaver Beer commercials that I bet every one of you has your own favourite. Feel free to let us know which one you liked in the comment section. And yeah, what is that whole Superbowl thing about anyways? I just watch it for the commercials, so I never did figure out all that game stuff was all about but I guess it must be almost as popular as the ‘ole Blue Beaver itself. If you can explain all the excitement to me, drop me a line or something. There’s a virtual beer in it for you.

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