Spot The Work Safety Violation

Take a look at this picture. Can you spot the mistake this redneck guy is making while fixing his truck? For now we will forget about the mistake he made picking trucks. That green is absolutely horrid, but not unsafe unless it makes other motorists throw up and crash.

If you guessed that his welding machine should have been a Miller, that’s not it. While I agree that Millers are good machines, you don’t have to have one for the work he is doing right now, and that one will make perfectly safe welds.

If you guessed personal protective equipment, that’s not it either. True, leather chaps and coveralls would give him more protection, and this is a source of frequent workplace injuries, but he really doesn’t need it to work on his own stuff.

All right, give up?  I’ll tell you what concerns me here. This dumba$$ is welding right beside the gas tank! He could blow himself up! I can’t believe you didn’t spot that.

9 thoughts on “Spot The Work Safety Violation

  1. hey Tim,
    I can always count on you for a good belly laugh! This picture and post is right up there with your Sexy Hybrid Car post. Too funny. I would try to add to the humor with this comment but the picture and your post already say enough. LOL-squared.
    ~ Steve, aka the long lost trade show display guy, aka the trade show guru’s long lost twin brother

  2. Heather: Yeah, it could get messy
    John: What, you don’t trust a couple chunks of wood?
    Tammy: The guy taking the picture must have the beer
    Richard: Well so far he is getting away with it, so no selection at this time :)

  3. Long Lost Steve: Thanks!
    Peter: Someone emailed me his a while ago. It sure looks real (and redneck) to me.
    JD: Hey, I never even noticed . If that brick fails to stop the truck from rolling, bye bye!
    Stephanie: It’s almost mind boggling, isn’t it? Hard to believe someone would take that kind of risk.
    James: They don’t get much worse.

  4. Neon: Gosh darn it, you’re right! That poor fella could pass out from wearing black in the heat!
    Ann: If he knows he is in danger he doesn’t care. Crazy!
    Chelle: You’re right… This must be one of those inside jokes, eh Steve? :)

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