Where To Find an HHO Hydrogen Kit

If you find hydrogen explosions, modifications to cars to make them more efficient, and backyard mechanicing to be interesting, read on. Otherwise, you may as well skip this one. But! Who really thinks backyard mechanics exploding things with hydrogen whilst making vehicular modifications boring?

Our little group of backyard masterminds has been working for months on our Hydrogen hho car kits that increase fuel mileage and reduce car emissions. We have tested design after design, and a lot of them worked pretty good but needed a lot of babysitting and tinkering to keep them functioning smoothly. We worked late into the night in all kids of weather conditions. We went on multiple road trips to test our hho devices. We had some spectacular failures, and found out the hard way to make sure all of our hho generator electrical connections were perfect.

We showed everyone our video of Hydrogen HHO Fun and how explosive the hho gas can be. In fact, we have spent hours and hours ‘researching’ the explosive properties of a hydrogen oxygen mixture. At times we needed ear plugs, and maybe even protective clothing. Our wives just smile (or sometimes frown) and shake their heads as they grab the children and keep them away from the fun. The neighbours probably think I own a shotgun, but I don’t.

Lately we have had the additional hurdle of trying to keep our hho generators from freezing in the incredibly sucky conditions we face in Alberta for, like, three quarters of the year. I am seriously considering moving, so I don’t have to wear 2 pairs of long johns, 2 sweaters and a parka. And that’s just to go to town! I heard it’s nice in places where you don’t freeze down if you stand still too long. In any case, we think we have the freezing problem beat but we need to do a little more testing before we let everyone in on it.

After all of that, we still don’t have an hho kit for sale. Basically, the best place to find these kits is at an online auction site. I don’t know if you know which one I mean, but it rhymes with D Day and has a really colorful logo. Search for HHO on that auction site and you get a lot of interesting entries to gander at. That’s the best I can do. Good luck!

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