John was having this great dream. It started out with a night on the town, drinking Blue Beaver Beer with two hot blondes at the Redneck Bar and Grill. They played pool and Buck Hunter and drank more beer until the place shut down.

John was just getting ready to take the two blondes home with him when waves crashing on to the shore rudely pulled him back to reality. With a start he remembered the yacht trip, how they encountered the storm, and how they had abandoned ship in the middle of the night. The rest was a blur.

He was now on a tropical beach with jungle in the background. No one else could be seen. It was just like a scene out of Lost or the movie Castaway. It looked like John was going to be camping it out in paradise.

While sitting on the sand getting his bearings he noticed his hands were purple. He looked at his feet and they were purple. In a panic he opened his shirt and his chest and stomach were purple. He looked to the sky and yelled, “Oh my God! I’ve been marooned!”

2 thoughts on “Stranded

  1. hey Tim,
    I read this post and then thought, what the heck? Is this the first part of a series? Where the heck is this going? Then I read it again and got it. ROTF LOL! 😀 I guess I was too distracted thinking about the two hot blondes the first go around. Anyway, it’s good to see your unique sense of humor back at the Redneck Bar.
    ~ Steve, the still-laughing trade show displays guru :) :) :)
    .-= trade show displays guru´s last blog ..Are Trade Shows Obsolete? =-.

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