Those Darn Rattlesnakes…

Hey, I hope RT and Steve can take a joke!

Steve the Trade Show Guru and RT from the Philippines are  hiking in Texas in a dry, desert  valley. They are quite some ways from the road and not even sure what they are doing so far from civilization. Steve kneels down to tie his shoe near some cactus, and a rattlesnake that was hiding there bites him right on the junk. That is to say, in a very delicate area.
“RT, I’ve been bit!” he yells. “I feel cold. Do something!”

“I’ll phone for help,” RT says. He quickly gets out his cell phone and calls 911. He walks a little distance away from Steve so he can concentrate on his call.
The dispatcher gets some information, lets him know paramedics will eventually arrive, and patches him through to a doctor. “You’ll never maker it to town in time, and the ambulance is too far away,” the worried doctor tells him. “You’re going to have to improvise. Now can you handle this?” When RT says he thinks he can, The doctor gives him these instructions: “I want you to strip the clothing off, make a small incision, and suck the poison out by mouth until help arrives.”

RT walks back over to Steve. “What did they say?” Steve said, in obvious pain and very distressed.
“They said you’re gonna die,” RT replied.

3 thoughts on “Those Darn Rattlesnakes…

  1. hey Tim,
    Being a loyal Untwisted Vortex minion, I am sure that RT would not let me die… right?
    Thanks for the shout out!
    Steve, the one and only trade show guru 😀
    .-= trade show displays guru´s last blog ..Are Trade Shows Obsolete? =-.

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