This is What Video Games Teach You

There was a boy named Andrew who lived in a Calgary suburb with parents who worked long hours and didn’t have enough time to spend with him. He spent most of his time playing violent video games and watching gory movies, to the point that his parents started worrying that he was going a little funny in the head. They decided to send him out to the farm by Caroline Alberta, with his lonely grandfather.

For the first couple days, he went with his grandfather and checked out the horses, cows and chickens. He helped move hay and clean the barn. He visited the neighbours. The grandfather could tell the boy was bored to tears without his video games, so he thought of a new activity.
“There’s no-one around for miles, Andrew. Why don’t you take a gun and my dogs, and go shooting?”

Andrew eagerly headed out with the two prize hunting dogs and a rifle. His grandfather worked away by himself, happy that the boy would be occupied.

Andrew returned later that day. “How was the shooting?” asked the grandfather.
“Great!” he replied. “Got any more dogs?”

One thought on “This is What Video Games Teach You

  1. hey Tim,
    Its good to see the original Redneck Humorist is back in action. This post is good, though it got me thinking a little about those poor dogs, and then I thought about the book Ol Yeller, and then I got a little wet in the eyes… Ah heck, now you’ve got me crying…
    Steve, the original trade show display guy
    PS. It’s kind of funny that the captcha phrase is “paininthebutt” based on your other post I just commented on. :)
    Keep the Redneck Humor coming!

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