And Now a Couple Comments That We Deleted

Not that long ago, I put out our new Comment Rules  for the Redneck Bar and Grill. I didn’t really expect spammers to read them, but it made me feel a little better just to put it into words. Following all the hassle with our site being hacked, I decided that the time had come to clean up the joint. Lame comments and spam have no place here.

I figure other bloggers will understand where I was coming from. Most of our readers do. Even if they aren’t “real” bloggers and are just in it for whatever money they can scrounge up by leaving lame comments in an attempt at gaining links for their “niche” sites.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve visited quite a few Dofollow blogs myself in order to promote my other sites.  The thing is, I always tried to find posts on which I had a real comment to give, which involved reading. I also followed the rules, if they were visible, such as using a first name or not using any keywords.  I would end up reading a lot more than commenting, which takes a lot of time but was very interesting.

We deleted several hundred comments this week, a lot of them actual out and out drug spam. I kinda miss the sex spam, it was more interesting to read before deleting. All of these stupid Tamiflu spams are borriinngg! Then we deleted a few that completely broke our rules for this site but seemed like they might be written by actual bloggers. For instance, here is one left by a person named Folders Printing:

I do not agree with this clause you put above

“Keywords are allowed. We have the handy dandy Keyword Luv plugin and we encourage it’s use. However, you need to use this tool properly. I want to see your name, and then your keyword, like this: Johnny@Truck Nuts or Suzanne@Scrap Book Stickers. If your name isn’t first, then forget it! Delete!”

As i have seen so many commenters not following this, they use only their keywords as their name, what about that, you should consider all equally.

Well, Folders, sorry you don’t agree with our rules. Guess what? Too bad. Not only do I not find your comment funny or clever, but you’re parents gave you a really lousy name. Mr. and Mrs. Printing really dropped the ball. I bet with a name like Folders, grade school was hell. But that’s nothing compared to the handle on this next commenter. Lets see what Gestational Diabetes had to say for him (her?)self:

“I like this posting! It helps a lot of people especially those who are suffering from gestational diabetes. Aside from the details mentioned above, are there any other information you can share?”

Gestational, I can’t help but come to the conclusion that your comment was not quite fully developed. It needs to go back into the oven. Your premature typing needs a little more research. For instance, were you aware that virtually the entire post you commented on was pure fiction, conceived by us? It might surprise you to know that a lot of our details “mentioned above” are illegitimate. I suggest you abort your attempts to spam us. Also, there are no any other information we can share.

There were a few others, but Folders Printing and Gestational Diabetes sure took it this week. I’m sure there will be a few more in the spam folder before long.

*update: I’ve changed all the rules since this was published. Now, I just do what I want. I delete or approve comments at random, and none of them are dofollow. Follow comments are so 2009.

One thought on “And Now a Couple Comments That We Deleted

  1. Damn. I thought I was the only one who went to school with the Printing family. However, I must have gone to school with a second cousin twice removed as her name was Laundry-Folders Printing.

    She was one of those girls who always used two first names like Mary Jane or Sarah Jessica and she was pretty uptight about it. She refused to answer to Laundry.

    Side note: My anti-spam word is jackhammer and I enjoyed that immensely. However, I would love to see gingah or sweep the leg show up.

    Naturally, if you do add those words I’m sure I’ll never get them. And I don’t want to spam the site just to see gingah. Although it would be awesome.

    If I had to spam you, just to get my word, I would write a continuing story in my comments so it was entertaining.

    Thoughts? Opinions?
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