Rural Internet Woes: Stupid Aircards!

Wooooo! I’m ready to let out a Howard Dean scream like my some sort of screaming thing!

Finally. I have high speed internet again.

I have been relying on an aircard that goes into the USB port. My Compass 597 Aircard from Telus works pretty good in town. Out here in the sticks, I was getting only one bar. According to their customer service, that is “plenty for full speed downloads”. It isn’t, unless they were refering to the blistering full speeds of dialup. The signal would drop right at the most inopportune times as well, such as just after typing in a post and pushing the publish button, or right after typing in an email reply and hitting the send button. And after about half an hour, the aircard starts getting pretty warm. Then nothing works anymore.

I was forced to sign a one year contract for this aircard. I’m glad it wasn’t a three year deal.

I also had a Rogers Rocketstick aircard before the Compass, and it was even worse.Fortunately, I was able to return that one for free. You really can’t beat Rogers customer service, I’ll give them that.

Yesterday, a helpful young guy named Robert came by and installed a Galaxy Broadband satellite dish. So far, it seems to be working pretty well. Satellite internet isn’t super fast, but it’s faster than my aircard is in a full service area. In other words, compared to what I’ve been using, it is da bomb, baby.

I actually watched a Youtube video! I know! Amazing. Later, I think I’m gonna dowload a couple of those pesky updates that have been stacking up. With pages loading faster, I might visit a few sites that were downloading too slow for me to bother with.

The only thing I have to watch out for, is on the plan we are on, there is a maximum 300MB per day download policy. That’s right, the dowwnload police could shut me down for a few hours. I’m sure the kids will set that one off eventually.

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