The Penultimate Monster

A little while ago we  speculated that zombies might become frozen during the bitter Hoth-like winters we experience here on the Canadian prairies.   I would like to take this time to further our further thoughts.   I think the ultimate winter-friendly monster (if monsters can ever said to be friendly) would be something like a zombie/were-arctic-wolf/abominable snowman hybrid.

If you think about it (but not too deeply) the combination of the abominable snowman and arctic wolf parts would provide the necessary anti-freeze abilities for the zombie part which would provide the extra level of unkillableness for the creature.  This zombie-snow-wolf-man would be capable of killing it’s way across the frozen tundra.  And how could anyone ever destroy it?  A silver bullet to the brain?  That might work for the zombie and werewolf parts, but what about the abominable snowman aspect of it? Does anyone know how to kill such a thing?  I guess it’s fortunate that the frozen tundra is sparsely populated.  But then again if that movie “The Day After Tomorrow” came true then the zombie-snow-wolf-man would be able to spread it’s reign of terror much further.  I shudder to think of it.

But you as bad as that monster would be, one could only hope that one never come face to face with a skajaquada.

One thought on “The Penultimate Monster

  1. “If you think about it (but not too deeply)”

    This is the key to the whole post.

    And you haven’t addressed the chupacabra yet. Or the Jersey Devil. And what about the Sasquatch?

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