Safecell App Helps iPhone Users Stop Texting And Driving

The Safecell application for iPhone and Android phones gives incentive to choose not texting or calling while you drive. I really like the idea of this app, which actually rewards users who leave their cell phone alone while they drive. I need encouragement to put the phone down as much as everyone else. Lately, there has been a lot of discussion about distracted Alberta drivers, and this could be a very handy tool to let people avoid the texting and driving trap.

Like most iPhone users, I’m an addict. I check email, facebook and Twitter. I like texting, and when I’m at loose ends I might play a game or two on my phone. With all of these fun activities, it is so tempting to continue texting and using the phone while I am in a vehicle, even if I’m the driver. It doesn’t seem that dangerous, does it?

Well, the evidence shows that texting while driving reduces your reaction times to a 70 year old driver, or worse. Texting is responsible for a lot of traffic accidents, many of them resulting in death. Society needs to find a solution to this problem.

Safecell can help drivers make the right choices. If you start up the Safecell app when you start your trip, it tracks your position and notifies you of local laws regarding cell phone use in vehicles. When a text or call comes in, Safecell will warn you of the potential consequences of picking it up while driving.

But the best part about Safecell is that it records a users cell phone use while driving, awarding points for safe behavior. Users can eventually trade these points for all sorts of rewards, with vendors such as Apple, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and many others. 500 points are valued at $5, and the users of Safecell get a point for every safe mile driven.

With all of the great rewards available, it is an awesome way to earn an iPod, Amazon products, even travel vouchers from a cruise line. At the same time, the roads will be safer in places like Alberta, Canada. It’s a win win situation, so please, check out the Safecell Application and see if it’s right for you.

2 thoughts on “Safecell App Helps iPhone Users Stop Texting And Driving

  1. A great idea indeed but I wish it also worked for the Android networks as well. Despite the hype about the iphone and Apple, Android is a massive force and is growing larger every day. There are literally dozens of Android phones and tablets out there now and about as many coming down the pipes this year.

    The iphone and its valted app store are really small change now and its sad they are getting all the cool appz.

  2. Elvenrunelord! Sadly, you didn’t read my post very closely. It seems you missed the part where I mentioned that this app does run on Android powered phones.
    Last I checked, the iPhone app store has many thousands more apps than are available for Android, but I’m sure time will tell. I don’t know a single person who has an Android phone, but I know dozens with an iPhone. Since they all seem happy with their Apple products, I guess I’ll just have to take your word for it that Android is so great and it is about to bury the iPhone.

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