The Official “Ledy Gaga” Foolish Fan Search Destination?

Well it seems like the Lady Gaga juggernaut is still steamrolling its way through our culture, but it still makes me wonder, who is Ledy Gaga? Why are these individuals looking for Ledy Gaga ending up at the Redneck Bar and Grill?
Every day, searchers come to our humble site in search of Ledy Gaga. We discussed her outlandish videos, her songs, the choreography, and of course his own reactions to these videos. But somehow I don’t think these searchers would be happy with what they found. After all, they were looking for Ledy Gaga, not Lady Gaga. And again, who is Ledy Gaga? Does she sing “Jest Dence”, “Allandandejero”, and “Puker Face”?
It is possible, I suppose, that these poor lost internet challenged souls simply typed ‘Lady’ incorrectly. Or it could be that searchers using another language than English are responsible for these results. Or it could be that there is another famous personage out there, Ledy Gaga. My own quick search, using the phrase “who is Ledy Gaga”, yielded mostly Lady Gaga results. But that doesn’t mean she isn’t out there. After all, every day someone types ‘Ledy Gaga’ into a search engine and ends up at the Redneck Bar and Grill. It just doesn’t make any sense. What do us Alberta redneck beer drinkers have to do with it?

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