HHO, Hydrogen Car Kits,and Browns Gas: Increasing Fuel Efficiency with Hydrogen

I haven’t written anything for quite some time about using homemade hydrogen HHO kits to increase fuel mileage. I was wondering if there was still interest in this topic, and checked this site’s stats. It turns out there are still searches being made online that turn up at the Redneck Bar and Grill.

We did have some really good successes in increasing gas mileage with HHO, and we helped a lot of others find the information they were looking for. I know that a quick online auction search gives hundreds of results for HHO, so people must still be working on hydrogen kits for their vehicles.

I think the main reason many were hesitant to try it is because they didn’t want to void warrantees on new vehicles. This is a valid concern for sure. If you put a homemade contraption on your car and some unrelated issue pops up, you might have to explain the device at the dealership with some fast talking. I had one of these attached to a 2007 Toyota Tacoma and it didn’t hurt the truck at all, but I admit I was a little concerned about warrantee implications myself.

I going to give the links to our previous work again here just to make it easier to find.

Fun With Hydrogen HHO Generator Tests

This article has a video and some basic info about how an HHO cell can be hooked to a car to give you increased gas mileage. The video shows us popping bubbles of HHO, as well as the truck we were using hooked up.

HHO Hydrogen Generator Safety And Electrical Hookup

This post links to a video all about the safety and electrical aspect of hydrogen generators. And using hydrogen, there are some safety issues to be aware of. I’m all for explosions that look and sound cool. I don’t want to see anyone hurt themselves or blow the engine up in their car.

Where to Find an HHO Hydrogen Kit

It’s true, these items can’t be bought at Walmart. But, some of the parts can be found there. I just updated this post with new info today.

How Do You Keep an HHO Hydrogen Generator From Freezing?

This post doesn’t really give the answers per say. However, some of the commentors on this one had some good thoughts on how one might keep their hydrogen kits thawed out in cold weather. So it’s worth checking the comments on this one for ideas. Not to mention a few funny cracks mixed in there.

One thought on “HHO, Hydrogen Car Kits,and Browns Gas: Increasing Fuel Efficiency with Hydrogen

  1. *Prevent freezing HHO: mix Isopryl alcohol 10~30% depend on the temperature, but decresed gas production, also plate oxidation, so it’ll be better don’t use it in bad weather….

    *HHO system better use with my air swirling device Cyclone, because H2 gas so light, want to stay top part, and good mixture of fuel and air is very important for combustion.

    *Saving fuel testing by carbon balance test is totally wrong, because they test emission gas test mostly by CO2 gas, although every will think consumed fuel checking is correct per driving distance.

    HHO unit I made them all my car and I feel it’s effective.
    Cyclone also fixed all my car, one unit effectve but more unit better….
    I’m Korean inventer of Cyclone, mostly export

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