Plans for Solar Panels: Do it Yourself Solor Panels From Bulk Solar Cells

One of the biggest challenges of making your own solor panels is, how exactly do I put these loose solar cells together? At first this seems to be a quite daunting task. With proper pre planning it really shouldn’t be that bad.

For my first attempt I’m going to start with only ?a small panelwith 36 cells I bought in an online auction. I noticed that there are some really large quantities of Solor cells available in these auctions. I’m going to experiment with one or two small batches to see if this is something I can comfortably do, before I get in over my head with a massive stack of loose cells.


I’m going to use a sheet of glass for the base layer, with the individual cells soldered together and then attached to the glass with ?a daub of silicon. On toP of that will be a sheet of plexiglass. There must be a space between the plexiglass and the solar cells. In the event of an impact, like hail, a cushion space will keep the cells from being damaged. I am planning on drafting up these plans and putting them online in a post called Do It Yourself Solar Panel Plans. Hopefully anyone that is trying to save a bunch of money like me can use these ideas to help them come up with something functional.

I plan on writing another post that will discuss the exact electrical layout necessaryfor this system and whether it will power a backup battery bank or be used to send power back into the grid. Both of these have their benefits, and backup power would be nice, but at first I think we will be using a grid tie in system. The main reason is cost since a battery bank is a really expensive part of any Solor system and not a purchase we are willing to make right now. In the long run I would like to make both of these a part of our electrical system, but for now I will focuses on just getting the solar panels constructed.

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