DIY HHO Hydrogen Generator: Test #1 on 97 Sunfire

In this road test, we had an HHO generator attached in front of the radiator and the line then running up to the motor. With the generator lower than the motor, the chances of fluid getting sucked up into the air intake are a lot lower. The front placement in the open air in front of the radiator is good when you’re driving higher speeds, since it keeps the unit a little cooler. For all city driving, this wouldn’t be ideal. Overheating can be an issue, and each car design presents new issues for placement. By far the easiest ?vehicles are older models with tons of room under the hood. This sunfire didn’t have a lot of room in the engine compartment, so it was either in front, in the trunk or in the cab. And who wants the hydrogen producing unit in the cab? Not me!

For all of our tests, we fill the tank till it runs over with gas. Then we do our drive test, and record the distance. We fill the vehicle again, to determine the amount of gas used. This is in our minds, a real world test that gives the actual results of using our diy hho hydrogen generator on a real vehicle.

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