Caroline Supplies: For All of Your Alberta Outdoor Gear

Caroline supplies

Heading West to go fishing, camping or hiking? If you are in that part of the world, you have to stop by Caroline Supplies. I make a point of going here to visit, even if I don’t need   anything in particular. I’m sure they’re used to us locals stopping by to check out their outdoors supplies. This store is unique these days, with small town atmosphere and knowledgable, friendly staff. They have many of the things a big department store would have as far as outdoor gear.


Caroline in western Alberta


Located on the West end of Caroline, this outfitter and convenience store combo is right on hiway 54, 60 km west of Innisfail. This store is a hidden gem, with fishing gear, firearms, hunting equipment, and camping supplies.


The fishing section is pretty big. One whole wall of this store is dedicated to lures and hooks, and there are plenty of rods, nets and associated gear. Don’t forget to pick up a fishing license here.

western alberta fishing lures

Caroline Supplies has a good selection of firearms and shooting equipment. They also sell some archery gear, like arrows and targets. If you’re into black powder sporting, they are one of the few locations you can purchase your stuff. Powder measures, flasks, 50 cal balls, and even black powder flintlock rifles.

Forgot to pick up bugs pray, maps, or a tent, they have that too. Right beside a big section loaded down with fireworks. Signal flares, outdoor clothing, and many other outdoor equipment items round out their selection.

alberta Archery targets and rifle targets

And then they have the regular convenience store items like lottery tickets, chips and pop. It really is almost a one stop shop. Now if they only had gas and beer, we wouldn’t have to go anywhere else.

Caroline is on the way to may outdoor destinations, like Swan Lake, Burnstick Lake, and the Forestry Trunk Road. But if you are in the neighbourhood, or on the way to Rocky Mountain House, it’s a good idea to stop here. Rocky doesn’t have much in the way of outdoor gear anymore, except at Canadian Tire. Unless you want to go to Red Deer or even farther, this store might be your best bet.

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