Stauffer Creek, Alberta: Fly Fishing Destination

Stauffer Creek AlbertaWhen I think of Stauffer creek, I remember fishing trips as a boy. We used to bike there on our 10 speeds, with a can of worms and some spin cast rods. From our farm, it wasn’t more than 8 miles to our favourite spot. One of the highlights back then was stopping at Stauffer Store, which doesn’t exist any more. We’d pick up junk food if we could afford it, play a couple rounds on a stand up video game, and then go down to the creek and get schooled by nature.

On The Banks of Stauffer Creek, alberta We never caught much, only a few times did we bring home supper from this tricky creek. But none of us had any idea what fly fishing even was, and without adult supervision, we just had to experiment. It wasn’t about catching the fish, it was more about getting off the farm and having a quick dip in the creek before heading back home. And in those years, we didn’t see many fishermen at Stauffer Creek. On a weekday, we were alone with nature.

We brought a girl with us, just once. Patty had barely fished, we figured, so why not show her how its done. She tossed out a plain old red and white spinner, reeled it in a couple times. On her third cast she caught a trout. Fairly big, too. We were choked, after all the times we didn’t even get a bite. I hope she remembers the time she showed up the boys.

North Raven RiverNow, Stauffer Creek Alberta, also known as the North Raven River, is known for its challenging fly fishing. The vegetation grow like a jungle right up to the banks in a lot of spots, so sneaking up on the underwater prey can require a lot of ninja know-how. It’s a spring fed creek with a fairly narrow channel, and it winds its way through cow pastures and treed areas. Check a backcountry road map and you can find a few places that it crosses the county road. I’ve never had anyone bother me while I was walking up and down the banks, It really never seems that busy to me.


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