Hi, I’m Tim, your host for your visit to my beautiful internet establishment.

This site is going through some changes. It used to have two authors, but now only has one. It used to be about explosions, alcohol and humor.  I guess it might still be about those things, but new topics are afoot.

There will be posts about Alberta outdoors equiment, our local sights and hikes, energy efficient products, solar power, wind turbines, fishing, travel, and whatever else comes to mind. Ok, and maybe a few explosions and beer. And always a little humor thrown in for good measure.

If you need to contact me and for some reason can’t find a contact form, use bluebeaverbeer at gmail dot com.



3 thoughts on “About

  1. Beer & liquor! Keith – you are dangerously close to tresspassing on both Canucklehead and Redenck Bar & Grill territory! For that, you my friend have made a VERY powerless enemy!

  2. I visited your blog and I was wondering if I can recommend it. Although ours is not a humor website, we can all use a good laugh in this world where there are a lot of things not to laugh about. I am sure my visitors would appreciate websites like yours. Let me know if this is ok. Thanks for your time and take care.

  3. frances: go ahead and recommend! let us know the location of your post and we’ll visit your site.

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