DIY Alt. Energy

I have a lot of big plans, like trying to take over the world and such. Inbetween work, family and world conquest, I keep dreaming up other ways to occupy all my waking moments. Like blogging, and alternative energy for our property. These will all be done yourself projects. Like done yourself solar panels and done yourself wood stove boiler projects.

I started with wood heat. Everyone has to start somewhere, right? It sounds at first glance that wood heat wouldn’t be environmentally friendly. The trick is to only use wood from trees that were already going to be wasted by rotting or being burnt to get rid of them in leftovers piles at the mill. This doesn’t then add any more to the carbon footprint, since it was going to be released anyway. You can read about myfirst outdoors woodstove boiler post here, and how I installed staple up in floor heating to our existing house.

The next project I will be working on is making my own solar panels, using solar cells I bought on eBay. After researching, I found that I couldn’t afford the solar panels I need for our property. The solution could be to assemble my own panels, and I’m starting with 36 do it yourself solar cells, which should make one 80 Watt panel. I write about my done yourself solar panel here.

I’m really interested hot solar hot water heating as well. Hopefully I get enough money in this year to buy some of that stuff too, but if not I might just write articles about what I hope to do and how much it will cost me.

And who can forget all the work I put in on HHO Hydrogen to try to increase fuel mileage in various vehicles. I wrote a new post which links up all the hho hydrogen generator do it your self stuff here. I plan on writing more about this topic soon.

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